A love story twelve years in the making

Exactly twelve years ago right now I was as anxious and terrified as I have ever been in my life. I was sixteen years old and in roughly the twentieth hour of my first labour. I had waited for this moment with equal measures of fear and excitement. After almost twenty two hours with one screamed expletive and a big push you arrived in my life all angelic blonde hair and blue eyes.

From the instant I held you and saw your eyes squint to look at me I knew, without a doubt that you and I were soul mates. You came to me when I needed you most and filled every void that existed in my heart.

Haedyn, today is your birthday, it marks twelve years on our journey together. Sometimes it feels like you were a baby just the other day and others I cannot remember a life without you in it. We have grown up together you and I. We have faced some really tough times and had some really happy ones. I cannot think of anyone I would rather have taken the journey with.

I want you to know now and forever that though you were not planned there was never a moment you were not wanted and loved. Your existence has made me who I am and driven me to always want more and to be better.

I am so proud of who you are, of your generous spirit and boyish charm. You are always looking out for the under dog, always standing up for the defenseless and show a maturity beyond your years.

I hope you never lose your lust for life and all things adventure. Keep climbing and jumping, keep kicking and catching.

I love you beyond what words could never describe and hope we have many more celebrations to share. Happy birthday my big boy, my first love and my reason when everything else seemed bleak.

May this next year bring you much joy and we edge ever closer to the teenage years.

I’ll love you until the stars don’t shine.




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